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Local Cancer Care Agencies

Financial Assistance

Nutrition and Exercise


Local Cancer Care Agencies

211 Texas:

A resource hotline operated by the United Way; Dial 211

American Cancer Society:

24-hour patient services line offering information, day-to-day help, and emotional support; 800-227-2345

Any Baby Can/Candlelighters:

Offers professional support to families with a child that has cancer; 454-3743

Breast Cancer Resource Center:

Offers support groups, information and referral services and education for breast cancer survivors; 544-0900

The Care Communities:

Provides practical help (house/yard work, activities for children, cooking meals, running errands and transportation to appointments) to persons suffering from a serious illness such as AIDS and cancer; 459-5883


Provides free websites that connect people experiencing a significant health challenge to family and friends, making each health journey easier.

For the Love of Christi:

Provides help and ongoing support to individuals and families dealing with the loss of a loved one; 467-2600

Garrett’s Kidstrong:

Provides fun activities that are safe for children with challenged immune systems;

Lance Armstrong Foundation:

Focuses on advocacy, education, public health, and research; 236-8820

Livestrong SurvivorCare:

Offers counseling services, help with financial needs, employment insurance issues, and information about treatment options and new treatments in development; 866-235-7205

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society:

Offers educational programs, support groups and one-on-one matches; 491-6610

Planet Cancer:

A virtual community of young adults with cancer with local gatherings; 452-9010

Seton Cancer Care Team:

Offers physical rehabilitation program to reduce fatigue related to cancer treatment and stress reduction classes; 505-5515

Sister's Network, Austin Chapter:

Committed to increasing local and national attention to the devastating impact that breast cancer has in the African American Community; Contact Erma Butler: 928-4903

Wonders and Worries:

Professional child life specialists offer support for children and adolescents with a parent dealing with a serious illness; 329-5757

Financial Assistance

Baptist Community Center:

Food pantry, low-cost clothing, and certain types of financial aid; 2000 E. 2nd Street; 512-478-7243

CancerCare Assist:

Offers financial assistance and grants to cover homecare, childcare, transportation, and most medical treatments as well as educational programs, counseling, and resource assistance; 800-813-4673


Offers rent or utility assistance once per year, as well as food and clothing vouchers for families suffering a financial crisis; 512-472-4135

Christian Service Center:

Food pantry and financial aid services; 1903 University Ave; 512-476-9584.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services:

Offers financial counseling, education on financial literacy, solutions, and bankruptcy services; 512-447-0711 or 866-901-2227;

Family Connections:

Childcare Locating Dept: helps families locate child care for their children as well as helping to identify resources to help them pay for childcare needs; 800-436-2404

Livestrong SurvivorCare:

Offers counseling services, help with financial needs, employment insurance issues, and information about treatment options and new treatments in development; 866-235-7205

Needy Meds:

Aid in finding programs that supply medications and/or financial assistance; 215-625-9609 (voicemail)

Patient Advocate Foundation:

Patient assistance with health care issues regarding insurances, employers, creditors, job retention, and debt crisis matters relative to diagnosis of a life threatening or debilitating disease; 800-532-5274

Social Security Administration:

Social security disability income for persons with disabilities who have worked and paid into Social Security for five of the last 10 years; 800-772-1213

WINGS of Texas (Women Involved in Nurturing, Giving, & Sharing):

Provides comprehensive breast health care services to women in Central and South Texas regardless of their ability to pay, as well as funding for breast health care services, including physicians' fees, outpatient medication and hospital charges; 210-946-9464

Nutrition and Exercise

American Institute for Cancer Research:

A cancer charity that fosters research on diet and cancer prevention and educates the public about the results.

Cancer Nutrition Network for Texans:

Web-based resource offering scientifically grounded information on nutritional support; 409-747-2239


American Cancer Society Road to Recovery:

Volunteers provide transportation to and from cancer-related treatments. Minimum of 72 hours advance notice required. 919-1829

Austin Caregivers:

Volunteers provide transportation for medical and shopping errands for those 60 or older. Call 48 hours in advance.

  • Southeast Austin - 472-0997
  • Far Northwest Austin - 250-5021
  • North Central - 453-2273
  • Northeast Austin - 459-1122
  • South Austin - 445-5552
  • West Austin - 472-6339
  • Round Rock - 310-1060

Capitol Metro Special Transit for Mobility Impaired Citizens:

2910 East 5th Street, Austin TX 78702

For application call 389-7480

Must have application signed by a health professional verifying disability. A nominal fee is charged for each trip and reservations are needed several days in advance.


Provides transportation outside the city limits. 478-7433

Medi Wheels:

Provides volunteer medical transportation for persons 55 and older. Call at least 48 hours in advance. 476-6325

Medicaid Transportation:

  • Travis County - 450-3196
  • Other Counties - 1-800-228-1705